High Drama Productions, Ltd. has designed, staged, and presented programs, shows, and events in a wide variety of media with budgets as equally varied as the venues; from multi-projector computer presentations to interactive theatrical stage productions; from the Hilton Convention Center in Manhattan, New York, to the Vilar Center Theater in Beaver Creek, Colorado. 


Audio-Visual Presentations

  1.    Gerry Baby Products

  2.    Texaco Pipeline

  3.    Shell Petroleum

  4.    Pacific Crest

  5.    AT&T

  6.    First Interstate Bank   

  7.    Reebok Footwear

  8.    Steamboat Chamber                                                 

  9.    Movie Dine of Denver

  10.    Association of Multi-Image

  11.    Davis Audio Visual

  12.    Audio Visual Headquarters

  13.    J & S Audiovisual

  14.    World Book International

  15.    U.S. Energy

  16.    Evergreen Industries

Clients Include:

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